What I've Done

On this page, you will see examples of the work I have completed, whether professional or personal projects. I have divided these into categories for each of my core competencies, so you can focus on only those projects most relevant to you.


I have worked on a number of applications, scripts, and programs in the past 15 years. This is only a selection of the most notable and most illustrative of the breadth of my experience.

ALANA is a commercial automotive buying site and fleet management platform. I was the lead developer and primary system architect for this site for 2 years. I also served in a DevOps role, managing the server and cloud infrastructure. This is, to date, the most extensive development work I've done in a business capacity.

Agena is a server for Gemini, a minimalist internet protocol. Written in pure Python, with no external dependencies required at runtime, Agena offers features such as virtual hosts and dynamic routing that make it one of the first true frameworks for Gemini.

Themis is a now-defunct project I developed in 2018-2019 as a discussion platform based on the W3C ActivityPub standard for decentralized message passing. It was implemented completely in Typescript, using Node and the NestJS web framework on the server side, Vue.js and Vuetify for the front end.

Liblio is a spare-time personal project intended to create an open platform for content creators to link their works and connect with their fans. It is currently in a pre-alpha state as I consider options for future development. Liblio uses pure JavaScript for its client, including Vue.js and styling based on Bulma, and the server side is written in Python using the Flask framework.

moqueue was created on contract as a simple queue implementation compatible with Twitch and Nightbot. It supports CRUD operations on multiple queues without the need for a database connection, allowing it to run for small streamers even on shared hosting. The script is written in PHP, using no external dependencies.


Details of web design and administration are harder to show for many reasons. Some sites I have helped create are no longer available. A few never got past the design stage. And the very nature of a well-run server or network is its invisibility. Still, I can provide a couple of examples.

Roy Styles Construction is an informational site for a local small business, namely a general contractor specializing in home remodeling and additions. I created the site initially using Wordpress, first with a custom theme, then redesigned for the modern web with a modification of a stock theme. It has low traffic but a high clickthrough rate, and remains in a decent position for relevant Google searches.

Prose Poetry Code, my personal blog, is a long-term Wordpress site I mostly use for announcements, discussion of spare-time projects, and testing for new web development and design ideas. It currently runs a fairly stock installation and theme, but has undergone heavy renovation in the past.


I have been an independent author since 2013, writing a succession of novels, novellas, and short stories. Most of these fall under the category of speculative fiction, dealing with science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal themes. Free samples of all my work, as well as entire stories in some cases, can be found at my Patreon. Though I consider writing a passion project most of all, I have devoted thousands of hours to the craft, and the results are too numerous to enumerate here.

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