What I Can Do

With over 20 years of experience in a variety of fields and positions, I have acquired a wide range of skills and competencies. Some of these have come through work, mostly contracted, while others I have learned purely out of interest or the necessities of a personal project.


Programming langugages

I have full experience developing applications using the following languages, and I would consider myself fully competent for any sort of development role.

  • JavaScript: Over 9 years client-side, 5 years server-side.

  • Typescript: A total of 2 years experience.

  • Python: Over 15 years total experience, 5 years experience with Python 3.

  • PHP: Over 8 years total experience.

  • C++: Over 10 years total experience, 3 years experience with Modern C++ (2011 onwards).

  • Java: Over 9 years total experience, all client-side, including 3 years experience with Android mobile development.

  • HTML/CSS: Over 12 years total experience; these are not programming languages, but are included here for completeness.

I am acquainted with the following languages in a hobbyist capacity, and I continue to evaluate them on an ongoing basis for future projects. I would consider myself at entry level in any of them, and willing to add to the list if necessary.

  • Assembly language (x86 and AVR)

  • C

  • C#

  • F#

  • Kotlin

Libraries & frameworks

I have used, or am presently using, the following major applications, libraries and frameworks in professional-grade products.

  • Node.js

  • Vue.js

  • WordPress

  • FastAPI (web framework)

  • Flask (web framework)

  • Bootstrap (CSS framework)

  • Vuetify (UI framework)

  • Quasar (UI framework)

  • Godot Engine (game engine)

I have evaluated the following for potential use, or have learned them to a hobbyist level, and would be willing to work to become more competent with them in a professional setting.

  • React & React Native

  • Ionic Framework

  • Django (web framework)

Development platforms

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • Android

  • Web platforms

  • Arduino


  • SQLite

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • AWS cloud services

  • DevOps

  • System architecture design

  • Documentation

Information Technology & Support

My first paid contracts were for technical support, and I continue to offer this as a primary area of expertise, but I have expanded my skills in my 15 years of local work in this sector to cover a wider range.

  • Technical support (including installation, upgrades, malware removal, etc.)

  • Office tasks using Microsoft Office or compatible software

  • Home and small business networking

  • On-site training and instruction

  • General system administration


I have experience with both creative and technical writing, and my skills include:

  • Proofreading

  • Editing

  • Formatting

  • Research & fact-checking

  • Application documentation

  • API documentation

  • Documentation organization


I have also obtained the following certifications:

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